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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

2010-09-14 01:52:59 by joevaughan

Ok so i Recently Bought Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for the PSP. and i have to say that this game is probably the best game for psp that i have bought . Now I'm not saying that it doesn't have its problems, i mean the game has outstanding Graphics great American voice acting and the style for fighting although it take a lil bit to get used to is still a great addition to the game. Now this story line is basically a prequel to the previous games I.E. Kingdom hearts 1, Kingdom hearts 2, Kingdom hearts Chain of Memories, and Kingdom hearts 368/2 Days. Now in the game u can play as one of 3 characters Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. Now each character has there own story but visit the same worlds (ull visit the same places alot) but its mixes it up by putting them in different scenarios like say if u play as Terra first (as i did) and u visit Cinderellas world, u will see her with her ripped dress and then say u do Ven's (sort for Ventus) story next after u beats Terra's u will be small and help Jaq make that same dress. Each story shows how the character evolves and shows how they change over time. Also with in the game u will meet some friendly faces such as mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Sora just to name a few (don't wanna reveal to much). There are also D-links with in the game which u can say is like your summon ability but u don't summon the character just there powers which is a nice change and good touch in my opinion. Also there is a arena mode a online one where u can play with up to 6 people at a time or offline. Theirs are Two different Event type Menus New Event and Active Events, and there is one last menu called D-link were you can see with what characters you can d-link with. now with in the two event menus there is and Versus Mode, Arena Mode< command Board, and Rumble Racing, Versus is Self explanatory. Now For the Arena u can ether team up with other Players or u can solo it . Now for Command Boards is sorta like a game of monopoly but slightly different as in you need to pass all the check points and then pass the starting point with the set amount of points the was a per requisite of points, now also here u can lvl up u magic or attack skills as well depend on what u put on the board, this is a good way to past the time. and Rumble Racing is also Self explanatory.

In My over all review i give it a 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Voice Acting 10/10
Special Features 10/10
Only Problem is it gets a lil repetitive with the lvling up and skill gathering

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep


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